The F-35 Lightning II: Our Next Generation Joint Strike Fighter

Today, Luke AFB (Arizona) is contending to be one of the key training sites for the F-35 Lightning II. Also referred to as the Joint Strike Fighter or JSF, the F-35 is a next-generation fighter aircraft that will be used by the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps, as well as eight foreign militaries as the replacement for the F-16.

If awarded the F-35 training mission, Luke can anticipate seeing an infusion of $125-$150 million in construction-related projects. Much of this investment will positively impact the state’s economy with local labor and suppliers of construction material. The new mission will generate additional employment and construction jobs, wages, consumer spending and investments throughout the West Valley and state.

The F-35 mission will also bring with it decades of sustainable economic benefits, which Luke AFB provides the Valley and state of Arizona.

Arizona has the ideal climate, land, air, training ranges and facilities needed to train and fly the F-35. Securing the F-35 training mission is the next step to ensure the long-term viability of the base for the next half-century.

Later this year, a federal Environmental Impact Study (EIS) will begin as the next step in the formal consideration process, which could lead to selecting Luke Air Force Base as the second F-35 training site.

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FARNBOROUGH, England, July 10, 2012 – F-35 test pilots Alan Norman, Peter Wilson and Col. Arthur Tomassetti spoke to media about flight test, capabilities and F-35 pilot training at the Farnborough Airshow.

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